About us

What makes yabowa.com:

As a long-standing skipper and bootseigner, I know from the very first hand how difficult it is to find the optimal ship or sell your own boat. Often the search is made more difficult, the found boats are presented incomprehensibly and incompletely, the displayed pictures are displayed too small and in miserable quality, and even setting their own advertisement represents a science for themselves.

With yabowa.com we try to offer you an optimal web experience:

  • With intelligent search taking into account various search constraints
  • A clear view of the search results
  • Boot detail view with the widest possible depth of information
  • Many services around the boat
  • An optimal representation of the web site in responsive design: perfectly tailored to each type of terminal
  • And not least through decades of know-how in the development of web sites and portals.

We hope that your visit to our website is to your satisfaction and you will find a pleasure in our portal.

I always wish you a hand water under the keel

Wolfgang Kraus
(System engineer, business informatics, skipper)